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About Us

Granoceramics brings you nano ceramic roofing tiles,  a revolutionary product in the field of roofing technology.

From 1996 to present, we have almost two decades of expertise in innovative manufacturing and relentless research in various fields of technology . With nano ceramic roofing tiles, we  combine  nanotechnology with polymers to create a product, with much sort after properties, these roofings guarantee you everything you would expect from the concept of perfect roofing tiles.

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Light weight

Manufactured using nano technology, these tiles come with significantly light weight of 400 - 600 gms. A perfect composition of ceramic nano particles and polymers, these lightweight roofings guarantees high strength and resistance

Wind resistant

The laying techniques ensures commendable wind resistance since it invoves lock systems within adjacent tiles which are further reinforced with screws.

Water repellent

The nano composition causes  water to slide off the surface of the tiles with no absorbtion

High shock resistance

Nano ceramic tiles have high shock resistance and withstand the seasonal changes and weather conditions