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Heat proof Tiles using Nano Ceramic Solution for Terraces and Roofs, New or Old, Durable and Affordable for resisting Summer Heat

Heat Proof Tiles for Your Home and Buildings

Experience a cool revolution in roofing with nano ceramic, heat-proof tiles. Engineered to deflect intense summer heat, these tiles provide cooler living spaces. Versatile for retrofits or new builds, they offer budget-friendly sustainability, reducing energy bills. Make the intelligent choice for enduring comfort – choose affordable, durable, and energy-efficient nano ceramic heat controlling tiles to transform your roof and redefine your living experience.


Grano U Series Heat Resistance Roof Tiles
Grano EU2 Series Cool Roof Tiles

Features of Grano Ceramics U Series Heat Protecting Roof Tiles

Weather Resistance

Thermal Insultation


Aesthetic Value

Introducing Grano Ceramics J series, where tradition meets a modern touch in roofing excellence. This innovative solution seamlessly blends style with resilience, envisioning a fortress of nano ceramic strength that repels the sun's intensity while preserving winter warmth. These meticulously engineered heat controlling tiles defy time and weather, offering a diverse palette of colors and styles that harmonize with various architectural visions. With Grano Ceramics J series, relish in cool comfort, substantial energy savings, and a visually striking yet enduring roof that beautifully encapsulates the union of tradition and modern sophistication. Witness the fusion of style and substance as your home metamorphoses into a haven of comfort and contemporary design.


  • Light weight : Manufactured using nano technology, these tiles come with significantly light weight of 400 - 600 gms. A perfect composition of ceramic nano particles and polymers, these lightweight roofings guarantees high strength and resistance.
  • Wind resistant : The laying techniques ensures commendable wind resistance since it invoves lock systems within adjacent tiles which are further reinforced with screws.
  • Water repellent : The nano composition causes water to slide off the surface of the tiles with no absorbtion.
  • High shock resistance : Nano ceramic tiles have high shock resistance and withstand the seasonal changes and weather conditions.


Product Specifications

  • Material Nano ceramic (minerals) Filled Polymer
  • Size 395 mm (Length) - 327 mm (Width)
  • Weight 580 g

Technical Specifications


How we
can help you?

Grano Ceramics J Series Roof Tiles are a type of roofing material manufactured by Grano Ceramics. These tiles are specifically designed for use in roofing applications and are known for their durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. The "J Series" likely refers to a specific product line or design within Grano Ceramics' range of heat regulating tiles. These tiles may come in various colors, shapes, and sizes to suit different architectural styles and preferences.

Superior Durability: Grano J Series Roof Tiles are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh weather conditions.
Weather Resistance: These tiles are designed to withstand extreme weather elements such as heavy rain, strong winds, and UV radiation, maintaining their integrity over time.
Aesthetic Appeal: With a variety of colors, textures, and finishes available, Grano J Series Roof Tiles enhance the visual appeal of any building, adding a touch of elegance and style.
Low Maintenance: Once installed, these tiles require minimal upkeep, saving time and effort on cleaning and repairs.
Energy Efficiency: Grano J Series Roof Tiles can contribute to energy efficiency by helping to regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for heating and cooling systems.
Environmentally Friendly: Made from sustainable materials and manufactured using eco-friendly processes, these tiles have a minimal impact on the environment.
Easy Installation: Designed for ease of installation, Grano J Series Roof Tiles can be quickly and efficiently installed by roofing professionals, saving time and labor costs.

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